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    Mid-Foot Cycling. Your Shortcut to Comfort.

Mid-Foot Cycling. Your Shortcut to Comfort.

"The mid-foot position promises to help you ride better and create less wear and tear on the body in the process."

James Wilson (Bikejames.com)

Balance your Feet

The five Mid-Foot Benefits

And the Professionals?

Meet your new Friends


Compact, Strong and Light


Does this sound familiar?

Do you ever have pain under your front feet when cycling?

Do your heels drop as cycling fatigue sets in?

Are your calves sometimes a limiting factor?

Struggle to get up to running speed at your triathlon bike-run transition?


We USED TO have all these problems too.

One day we decided not to put up with it anymore and started developing and testing the Mid-Foot adapters.

We use them, we love them and so will you.

If you can you find more cycling-comfort-upgrade-per-buck somewhere else, then please let us know.

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