Adapter for Shimano SPD Pedals

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The SPIN2 adapter is tailored for Shimano SPD pedals and cleats. It adds 20mm extra rearward cleat adjustment range to your shoes.

  • Compatible with Shimano SPD pedals and cleats.
  • 27g / 0,95 Oz. per bracket
  • Two years warranty
  • In the package:
    • 2 x AISI304 stainless steel adapters.
    • 3 x 2 shims for perfect shoe curvature fit.
    • 4 x AISI303 stainless steel custom nuts.
    • 12 x M5x8mm screws, Torx25, nylock tipped.
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  • COMPATIBILITY WARRANTY: If the adapter does not fit your shoe, send us a photo of your shoes with the adapters mounted, and tell us your shoe size and model. We will then provide a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Simon Felz
Good Option to Change the Cleat Position

The product is very well made and of high quality. Though it depends on the shoe how well it works. I used it on SIDI Tiger 2. On these shoes at the position of the cleat, the sole is slightly rounded. So I can only use the adapter almost only at the farthest position to the back as there is otherwise a rather big angle between adapter and sole of the shoe. That’s something worth considering if your shoe sole is not flat. For me that means that using the adapter the cleat position is too far backward. However I would not consider this a flaw of the product but an unfortunate mismatch.
Two things I would change about the adapter would be 1) addition of a thicker wedge and 2) elongated holes for the cleat on the adapter to enable an adjustment of the cleat position on the adapter

Adam Kubiak

Pros - you do get the Midfoot cycling experience - your gastrocnemius and coleus are relieved to the extent exceeding you imagination!
Cons - by default the „plaque” that comes in the set, moves the cleat mounting holes by at least 20 mm. I would love to see options of 10 and 15 mm. For myself and my clients.

Niall Diamond
Good, could be better

I would prefer if I could get another 15mm back. Also at current length, they protrude above the shoe sole, so my cleats hit the ground when walking. Would be better if they could be angled in some way, maybe by elevating the front.

Roy Redman
Excellent Invention

This is a well designed and engineered product. I was sceptical about the mid foot position but after researching and using the adaptors I am already a convert. The regular post ride calf cramp I suffered is now a thing of the past and I can feel the increased development of my quads. I shall be reviewing these for my ‘Ride with Roy’ YouTube channel once I have given them a thorough long term test.