SPIN2 for Shimano SPD 2-Bolt systems

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The primary purpose of this adapter is to provide better comfort for cyclists who suffer from metatarsal pain or hot spots. The adapter does so in two ways:

1) The pressure point is moved away from the ball of the foot

2) A much larger support area is provided, distributing the cleat pressure over a 4x larger area.

The SPIN2 adapter DOES NOT FIT all shoes and all pedals:

A) shoes that have a fully recessed cleat groove. See the photos below. The adapter only fits shoe soles that have no protruding edges behind the cleat.

B) Shoes with only two threads available for the M5 bolts. Such baseplates might rotate. See the photos below.

C) Specialized shoes with 13 mm between the M5 thread rows in the inlay brackets.

COMPATIBILITY WARRANTY: If the adapter does not fit your 2-bolt shoe, email us a photo of the adapter on the shoe. We will then provide you with a 100% refund.

  • Offers 20 mm extra rearwards displacement.
  • ONLY Compatible with Shimano SPD.
  • NOT compatible with Crank Brothers (The cleat is too wide).
  • NOT compatible with BeBop 2-bolt system.
  • NOT compatible with Time MTB cleats/pedals.
  • NOT compatible with Echelon Connect pedals. 
  • IF you have Specialized shoes, verify that they have a 10mm gap between the two sets of M5 threads in the inlay brackets. 
  • AISI430 Stainless steel
  • Weight: 2 x 39g per set, incl. screws and largest size shims.
  • Adds only 1,5 mm to the stack height.
  • Large area for pressure distribution.
  • Two years warranty.
  • In the package:
    • 2x PatroCleats SPIN2 adapters
    • 12x M5 8 mm nylon-tipped screws
    • 4x AISI303 Stainless Steel Insert Nuts
    • Three pairs of shoe-curvature shims (1,5 + 3,0 + 4,5mm thick).