Instructions for Use

Shimano SPD-SL & Look Keo: ERGO3 & COMP3 

This is a fast-pace slide-show video, providing detailed step-by-step instructions. 


SpeedPlay and Wahoo: SPPL4 Superlight.

This video is for the SPPL4 adapter released in August 2021. For the first generation, please see the video "SPPL4 First Generation 2020" further down.

SpeedPlay and Wahoo: SPPL4 First Generation 2020.

This too is a step-by-step video for the adapters. Please refer to the SpeedPlay / Wahoo manuals regarding the proper mounting of the cleats themselves.


  • Mid-Foot adapters bring your shoes closer to the front tyre.
  • Note: Increased toe-overlap.
  • Risk of shoe/tyre contact during cornering! Risk of injury!
  • When in doubt, ask your bikefitter what adjustment is the best for you.

ALWAYS keep the pedal arms vertical during cornering. ALWAYS!

NEVER pedal when cornering. NEVER!