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TT24 PowerHouse. Installation Guide for Power Meter Pedals

TT24 Pedals. Installation Guide


TT24 Pedals. Click-In-Guide


CRANK2 Adapters. Installation Guide.


TT22 Pedals Installation Guide (Mark AC-AJ is engraved in the pedal's tip)


SPIN2 Installation Guide


ERGO3 Installation Guide 


SPPL4 Installation Guide.

This video is for the SPPL4 adapter released in August 2021. For the first generation, please see the video "SPPL4 First Generation 2020" further down.

SPPL4 First Generation 2020.


  • Mid-Foot adapters bring your shoes closer to the front tyre.
  • Note: Increased toe-overlap.
  • Risk of shoe/tyre contact during cornering! Risk of injury!
  • When in doubt, ask your bikefitter what adjustment is the best for you.

ALWAYS keep the pedal arms vertical during cornering. ALWAYS!

NEVER pedal when cornering.