Instructions for Use

Shimano SPD-SL 

This is a fast-pace slide-show video, providing detailed step-by-step instructions. 


We also work on an instruction video for SpeedPlay. The main difference is that SpeedPlay users shall use the 3-to-4-bolt adapter which is supplied with most if not all SpeedPlay cleats.

Look KEO

We work on a video for Look KEO too. About 95% will be a copy of the SPD-SL video. 

NOTE: Mid-Foot Adapters are high grade SILK BLACK anodized. The photos below are made with a RAW ALUMINIUM surface Mid-Foot adapter for a better color contrast in the illustrations.

1. Mount a Look or SPD- SL cleat on a loose Mid-Foot ERGO or Mid-Foot COMP adapter with 3 screws. Start with three 10mm screws.

2. If any screw tip protrudes into the concave side of the adapter, then replace it by an 8mm screw. The surface mating the shoe must be flat. Mark, which screw fits where. Unscrew and remove the cleat from the adapter.

3. Mount the adapters onto your shoes. Use 2x3 M5 10mm screws for this.

4. Use the chosen 8mm or 10mm screws selected in step 1. Position the cleats in the preferred positions. Place the Shimano or Look supplied elongated metal sheets in the three groves. Tighten (Max torque: 4Nm) all the screws.



  • Mid-Foot adapters bring your shoes closer to the front tyre.
  • Note: Increased toe-overlap.
  • Risk of shoe/tyre contact during cornering! Risk of injury!
  • When in doubt, ask your bikefitter what adjustment is the best for you.

ALWAYS keep the pedal arms vertical during cornering. ALWAYS!

NEVER pedal when cornering. NEVER!