TT22 The Triathlon Pedal

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World Premiere Q2 2022!
Meet the fastest pedals on the planet! Patrocleats' new Time Trial Pedals are the world's first pedals 100% optimized for TT and triathlon.

Weight weenies, start drooling: 74g per pedal and 15g per cleat - including screws!
TT and triathletes, drool even more: The aerodynamics are stratospheric - the drag loss is only 1,1 Watt at 45km/h.
Add to this a mere 9mm stack height, walkable cleats, needle bearings, a massive shoe-pedal contact area, a pedal position 20-25mm behind standard pedals, and you'll understand our excitement.
WE ARE STILL TESTING! An announcement of the launch date will follow.