TT22 Time Trial Pedal

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Seriously fast! Obscenely light! 
  • The combined effects of pedal shape, a more horizontal foot and a lowered seat post reduce your CdA by 3-5% compared to other pedal systems.
  • World record weight: 74g per pedal, 9g per cleat!
  • Stack height: 9 mm! The cleat is nested INSIDE the pedal.
  • Moves your axle 20-25 mm farther back than any other pedal. This relaxes your calves, reduces toe-drop, reduces shoe frontal area and enables a lower seat post.
  • In total, expect a 15-30mm lower seat post when using this pedal system. 
  • Titanium axles. Max rider weight 90kg.
  • 890mm2 shoe-pedal contact area.
  • Float can be set at +/-3,5deg or +/-7,5deg.
  • Q-factor: 53mm.
  • Click-in is done by stepping down on the pedal.
  • Click-out is by rotating the foot, like Look and Shimano.
Check if your shoes are compatible! See the compatibility list below. When in doubt, please email a picture of your shoes to