SPPL4 für SpeedPlay & Wahoo

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Der SPPL4-Adapter ist für die SpeedPlay Zero-, Aero-, Walkable- und X-Serie, einschließlich der neuen Wahoo-Pedale, bestimmt. Sie erhalten 10-20 mm im Vergleich zu den Standard.

  • Kompatibel mit SpeedPlay Zero, Walkable, Aero, X und Wahoo Pedalen.
  • Eliminiert die Speedplay 3-auf-4-Schrauben-Adapter, wodurch Gewicht und Stapelhöhe gespart werden.
  • 44 g (Minus 38 g für den SpeedPlay 3-auf-4-Schrauben-Adapter, also fügen Sie Ihrem Fahrrad netto nur 6 g hinzu.)
  • 2 Jahre Garantie
  • Im Paket:
    • 2 SPPL4-Adapter aus kohlenstoffverstärktem Nylon.
    • 4 Stromhalterungen aus Edelstahl
    • 2 elliptische Unterlegscheiben aus Edelstahl
    • 2x10mm M5 Schrauben, 4x8mm M5 Schrauben
    • Eine 2-ml-Tube Patrocleats Thread Lock.
  • KOMPATIBILITÄTSGARANTIE: Sollte der Adapter nicht zu Ihrem Schuh passen, senden Sie uns einfach ein Foto Ihrer Schuhe mit montierten Adaptern und teilen Sie uns Ihre Schuhgröße und Schuhmodell mit. Wir erstatten Ihnen dann den vollen Betrag.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Laidman
Not Received

Your inquiry at 14 days from ordering is timely as the items remain in Switzerland according to your tracking. I look forward to you checking on the reason for stasis. Happy to write a review once received.
Thanks you.

Hello Paul. You are right. Your package was shipped the day after you placed your order, and also my tracking shows no movement since the package left Switzerland on dec 23rd. Also a tracking via Australia Post provides no result - indicating that the package is lost/stalled somewhere between Switzerland and Australia. I'll make an inquiry to Swiss Post, and ship you a backup package, if they can't promise a delivery soon. Best regards, Niels

Update 21/1: The package seems lost, and inquiries to the postal system has not helped. I have prepared a backup shipment and hope it arrives safely. You'll get a new tracking number by email. Best regards, Niels

Great for triathlon bikes

This little adapter kit is amazing. I was able to cure my knee pain by using these. I have a very forward saddle position on my triathlon bike and my knees where a good bit in front of my toes which was straining my knees especially down in the aero position. Now that I am using the adapters, my feet have effectively moved forward and the knee pain is gone. I can pedal with more strength from my quads and core now. Amazing the difference in comfort and performance even just 1cm has made! Thanks!

Mark Elliott

Utterly brilliant! It’s made every aspect of my pedal action so much better. Second pair ordered!