SPPL4 for SpeedPlay and Wahoo Pedals

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The SPPL4 adapter is dedicated SpeedPlay and the new Wahoo pedals. You get 10-20mm extra displacement compared to the standard cleats.

  • Compatible with SpeedPlay Zero, Comp, Walkable, Aero, X and Wahoo Comp, Nano & Zero pedals.
  • Eliminates the Speedplay 3-to-4-bolt adapters.
  • 44g (Minus 38g for the SpeedPlay 3-to-4-bolt adapter. Only adds 6g to your bike.)
  • Two years warranty
  • In the package:
    • 2x SPPL4 carbon-reinforced adapters.
    • 4x stainless steel power brackets
    • 2x stainless steel elliptic washers
    • 2x 10mm M5 screws, nylock tipped.
    • 4x 8mm M5 screws, nylock tipped.
  • COMPATIBILITY WARRANTY: If the adapter does not fit your shoe, send us a photo of your shoes with the adapters mounted and tell us your shoe size and model. We will then provide a full refund.